Since 1988, the Kentucky Association for Healthcare Quality (KAHQ) has been dedicated to the continual improvement of the care delivered across the state and to the support of those individuals who have chosen to become professionals in healthcare quality. KAHQ’s dedicated professionals recognize that the keys to performing their highly specialized job are, 1) a comprehensive knowledge of performance improvement methodologies and ever-evolving regulatory standards, 2) timely information regarding changing trends and expectations within healthcare, and 3) access to a diverse group of other quality professionals for collaboration and support.

 Mission – The mission of the Kentucky Association for Healthcare Quality, Inc. is to promote the growth and development of healthcare professionals participating in Performance Improvement throughout the continuum of care.

Vision – The Kentucky Association for Healthcare Quality, Inc. will be recognized by healthcare professionals as the organization of choice to positively affect efficient, effective and measurable outcomes.

Values – visionary leadership, customer-driven practice, continuous improvement, integrity, professional development, teamwork, and diversity.

KAHQ meets these needs by providing its members the following cost-effective benefits:

Networking opportunities with peers on regional, state, and national levels
Educational opportunities focused on current hot topics, practice strategies, and trends.
Continuing education hours at discounted rates.
Preparation courses for Healthcare Quality Certification (CPHQ) testing , held within our state.

To facilitate communication within the State, KAHQ is organized into four Regional groups; Eastern, Western, Metropolitan, and Bluegrass. These Regional groups work closely together to share knowledge within their area and to provide monthly or quarterly continuing education for the Quality professionals within that area. The Regional group leaders and contact information are listed on the Leadership page.